Join with us to live simply and give generously in pursuit of a just world.




Lazarus at the Gate

This NEW Lazarus at the Gate is a revised and updated 8-session small group study inviting Christians from all traditions to engage with biblical perspectives on wealth and poverty; share personal budgets; make lifestyle changes to live more simply and spend more justly; and give a collective gift to fight poverty.  If you would like to engage in this transformational study fill out the form to the right.  If you have done a LATG group in the past and are on our mailing list already, but would like to try the new version please contact us at to have the new LATG e-mailed to you.

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The BFJN Action Model

Like so many of you the Boston Faith & Justice Network is adjusting during this time. We are creating new ways and adapting existing resources to bring Christians together to consider how we can live simply and give generously to bring about a more just world for everyone.

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About BJFN

The Boston Faith & Justice Network brings Christians from many traditions together to move from personal religious commitment to transformative action against poverty and oppression. We foster a dialogue about money and responsibility while presenting opportunities for practical lifestyle shifts and justice-oriented engagement. Economic discipleship—following Jesus with our money—is one of the foundations of our vision for Christ-centered just living.