A collection of the thoughts of others about Charleston . . . May we continue to grapple and learn and try and try again when we fail.#WeLament

June 26, 2015

I’ve tried to think of what I can say to add something to
the conversation about Charleston, about race in this country, about healing,
forgiveness or solidarity. But the truth
is I don’t know what I can add because I feel like I am still in the nascent
stages of learning about all of it. In
addition, as I comb blogs, magazines, newspapers and websites I have found
comfort, inspiration, challenge, insight and direction from other people who
have so much more learning, experience and eloquence than me.

That’s not to say that someone can’t offer a new perspective
or have insight without years of investment or study, but for me it has been a
time to listen, learn and answer calls to act that come from those with the
wisdom I feel I lack.

And so I thought for this week’s blog I would share the
articles, blogs and posts that have brought me closer to some semblance of
understanding, that have pushed me out of my comfort zone, that have forced me
to look where I didn’t want to, that have given me tangible ideas for action
and have also offered me hope that while this act of unspeakable racial
violence could cause us to believe that we will always be divided there is a
way to move forward.

This isn’t everything, but for me it has been steps in a
journey begun some time ago to be finished some time from now …


Why we as Christians need to acknowledge and confront the
reality of the race problem as it manifested in Charleston and as it exists in
our nation:


A few on the issue of the confederate which is relevant but
I think should not be mistaken for a core solution in that is we are successful
and it is removed from government buildings this must not be considered an end
but a step:




About the amazing and Christ like forgiveness offered by
families in Charleston:



A parenting perspective


Some suggestions on action:


About the victims because I found their lives and stories so
much more important than that of their killer who must be spoken of as his
motivations and actions are obviously what bring us to these moments but



I hope you have found something in these words that move you
as they did me to understanding, to outrage, to discomfort, to action. I hope we will all continue to talk, listen
and look for ways we can be agents of change, agents of peace, bringers of hope
and Shalom in this fallen, broken, messed up world.

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