Cooking Leafy Greens Workshop

August 6, 2014

Greens are among the most economic, healthy, and abundant veggies. On May 18, nine people gathered at the Presbyterian Church in Burlington to share ways to cook them. Here’s a brief recap of that evening along with some tips, hints, and recipes for you!


Katie, Helena, Lydia and Sue mixing their own salad dressings

Why host a Greens Workshop?

Burlington Presbyterian Church hosts Farmer Dave’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The farm sends weekly “shares” of the harvest for pre-paying members to pick up at the church. As church volunteer Jane described, when the growing season picks up, CSA members get tired of certain foods, usually greens. Often people don’t know how to use unfamiliar greens and they get left behind or thrown away.

Even those of us without a CSA program get scared of unfamiliar greens and pass them by in the store.

People just need some encouragement and ideas on what to do with the local fresh food. Anything you can do to spinach you can do to almost any other edible green. Eating healthy or local doesn’t have to be hard, that’s why we held this event.

Jane showed us that smoothies and pesto can be made with any green. Kris showed how to wash greens and make “spinach squares”. Alex showed off his favorite swiss chard pie and green pasta. Kathleen and Libby demonstrated how to make salad dressing from just about anything lying around your kitchen. Members had a great time helping to make all this and enjoyed learning and sharing their ideas.


Alex, Kris, and Sarah supervise as Tom mixes pureed turnip greens with pasta dough

BFJN extends a big thank you to our volunteers for all their help, and to all the participants who made it happen! Click here for more greens wisdom, cooking tips, and recipes from the event! Stay tuned for a future events.

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