Gratitude & Creation

February 20, 2009

Climate change. Toxic trash. The earth’s budget overstretched. What would our relationship to the environment look like if rooted in gratitude to God?

On the eve of Lent, 300+ folks gather to learn about and undertake a creation commitment together with Christians from all traditions at Gratitude & Creation on
Saturday, February 21, at Park Street Church, Boston.

Prayer with Shane Claiborne,

Jubilee Sessions sharing practical ways to respect God’s creation.
* Feast without Injustice: fill a Fair Trade cupboard
* Water without Waste: resisting commercialization of water resources
* Beauty without Contamination: clearing out toxics from your household
* Energy without excess: reducing your carbon footprint beyond the light bulb

Community Dinner

Worship and Message with Shane Claiborne. Music led by bluegrass band featuring local musicians.

Shane Claiborne is the author of the Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical and founding partner in the neo-monastic community, the Simple Way.

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