Tax refund giving: Join with us!

February 17, 2015

If you have been
following usthis past month or so, you know we have been talking aboutinvesting some or all of our tax refundsin service ofsomething greater than ourselves(andhereandhere).

We have chosen to consider this since often times our refund money is freed up for generous giving because it is unbudgeted and may not be needed to meet our everyday needs and expenses.What an opportunity this is to invest our plenty in areas of the world, be they near or far, where there is great need.

We wouldlove to knowif you have decided to donate some or all of your refund this year, and if so, where you are planning to give.It is always inspiring to hear stories from one another about generosity and the ways in which others have chosen to respond to God’s call to meet the needs of the suffering and vulnerable.

We’re also interested to know if any of you would like toparticipate in a collective giftthis season. We could discuss together where to donate to have the most impact.

Would you be willing tofollow this linkto let us know how you plan to give your refund?

Thank you for considering giving and sharing!We are thankful for everyone in BFJN’s network and look forward to hearing from you.

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