The Life of a Disciple: Learn, Act, Give.            

March 11, 2016

An exciting project we have been working on this past year here at the Boston Faith & Justice Network is the launch of our website. Now that it is finally up and running, we know this upgraded (and continually updated) tool will allow us to better connect with our network, serve churches in Greater Boston and engage in discourse on the things that matter to all of us.

One element we are especially eager to share is what we call our models for action based on the intertwined actions of learning, acting, and giving. These are specific areas of injustice we plan to focus on together as learners, advocates, servants and givers. This year our two issues are global extreme poverty – with a local component that we are developing – and slavery in the supply chains of the food products we buy, specifically as it exists in West Africa on cocoa plantations and finds its way in to our chocolate.

As disciples of Jesus we are blessed with the ultimate standard for living in his example. It is our responsibility and privilege as his followers to do our best to live out the life he showed us. At BFJN we think one way to do this is articulated in the model of Learn, Act, Give. Our lives are a constant cycle of learning who we are called to be and how to pursue that calling, acting according to this knowledge and giving of ourselves and our resources to this end.

Through these models for action we intend to provide opportunities to walk together in this learn-act-give lifestyle to respond to deep suffering an injustice, working out how to live as disciples of Christ in all aspects of our lives.

Already our website is filled with a variety of informational resources (which we will regularly update) on living more simply, making alternative consumer choices, and giving generously. In the coming weeks, we will be adding information on the nuances of global poverty and the movement to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030, as well as on the pervasiveness of slavery in consumer products, particular in the cocoa industry in West Africa.

So join us as we learn about and respond to poverty and slavery across the world. Together we will understand better what it looks like to live fully for Christ in a way that contributes to creating a more just world.

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