Voting as an Act of Justice

November 3, 2022

This coming Tuesday, November 8th, is election day. Midterm elections typically see a much lower turnout than presidential elections and therefore it is imperative that more people show up at the polls. Additionally, as Christians, it is equally important to get out and vote.

A verse that BFJN goes back to time and time again is Micah 6:8. In this passage, we find a clear calling for the Christian to do justice in the world. In America, one of the easiest ways to fulfill this calling is to vote. 

Who is in office is directly tied to what policies get put in place and what issues the government prioritizes. This is why voting is an act of justice. Through their vote, Americans are able to have a say in the government and elect the individual that will best represent their interests. In the voters mind, they elect the person who they believe is most able to do justice in the world at large.

A biblical precedent for voting can also be found. In Acts 14:23, Paul and Barnabas appointed elders in the church. This is a form of voting seen in the New Testament. Additionally, many Christians cast votes in their own churches for elders and deacons, making voting a biblical practice. 

A common critique that I have heard from Christians at large over the years is asking why Christians should vote, if this earth is not our forever home. If we are citizens of the city of God, what is our role here in the city of man? I think that this is a valid question to ask. And the answer to me, points to a necessity to vote and involve oneself in the political sphere. 

In Romans 13:1-7, Paul speaks of the authority of those governing, whom he states have been instituted by God. He goes on to speak of the importance of paying your taxes to the government, which like voting, is an act that one does in relation to the political sphere. As Christians, we have a responsibility to involve ourselves in the political sphere and as people of the kingdom of God, we have a responsibility to live out the call to justice. 

Further, in 1 Timothy 2:1-2, a responsibility is given to Christians to pray for those who are in authority, particularly governing authorities. The act of prayer is an act of justice in this world. And, if we are required to involve ourselves in the political sphere through submission to authority and prayer, a calling to vote can be brought out.

Early voting has already started and election day is this Tuesday, November 8th. Do your research on the candidates. Pray that God will give you wisdom as to which candidate will pursue justice through their time in office. Finally, get out and vote, for this is an act of justice.

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